Keeping Coupeville Art Festivals And Craft Shows Handmade

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending months preparing for an art show or craft fair, only to find other stalls full of mass-produced goods. You work hard on your crafts and arts and spend a lot of time working on these things. 

It’s annoying when others can cut out the cheap stuff they import or buy from wholesalers. If you’re looking to host an arts and crafts festival and craft show, there are several things you can do. One thing you can do is boycott festivals that don’t allow handmade items. Check all requirements and if the festival allows premade or resale items, don’t go. 

If enough vendors do this and explain why they do this when asked, those who host craft fairs and art fairs will eventually understand because they will start to lose all their vendors.

Another thing you can do is keep an eye on art shows and craft festivals. They will only release the best of the best. If you can attend one of these shows, you stand a good chance of meeting a new, higher-level clientele who wants something truly handcrafted. 

The application process for rated shows can be more complicated, but it can definitely help you avoid shows where other vendors have booths full of imported goods. If you’re disappointed that a small local fair doesn’t allow handmade items at the show, you can definitely work with other local sellers. 

Contact the organization or agency hosting the show and tell them they will lose some sellers if they don’t decide to ban wholesale and resale of goods. This can be very effective if you have the organization and staff to help make it work for you.

After all, you can always be sure that your booth will only be stocked with handmade items. Lead by example and make sure your customers know that your items are completely handmade. You can even explain the manufacturing process or show customers how you make the item you are selling. 

It can let people know the difference between handmade and non-handmade items. As more and more people choose the handmade option, you will find that craft fairs are starting to focus more on crafts and artifacts.