Buying A Residential Fan Coil Unit

A residential fan coil unit (RFCU) is a type of air conditioner that uses a fan to cool the air. The RFCU is different from other types of air conditioners in that it does not use a compressor. The RFCU works by using the wind to create airflow and cool the air.

A residential fan coil unit (RFCU) is a great option for home comfort because it uses less energy and costs less to operate than a traditional air conditioning unit. Here are some reasons why you need one: 

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1. You'll save money on your energy bill. A RFCU uses about one-fourth the energy of a regular air conditioning unit, which translates into big savings on your monthly electric bill.

2. You'll be more comfortable in warm weather. When the temperature outside is high and the air conditioner is running, you're likely being cooled by air that has been cooled numerous times by other objects in the room. This creates a cool breeze but also makes the room very cold and damp. A RFCU circulates only the indoor air, so you'll stay cooler and more comfortable in warm weather.

You'll be less likely to get sick from exposure to allergens. Airconditioning units work by removing moisture and particles from the air; this can make allergies worse because it increases your exposure to allergens. A RFCU does not remove moisture or particles from the air, so you're less likely to experience this problem.